Cell Phone Radiation Boosts Cancer Rates in Animals; $25 Million NTP Study Finds Brain Tumors

May 25, 2016

The cell phone cancer controversy will never be the same again.

The U.S. National Toxicology Program (NTP) is expected to issue a public announcement that cell phone radiation presents a cancer risk for humans. The move comes soon after its recently completed study showed statistically significant increases in cancer among rats that had been exposed to GSM or CDMA signals for two-years.

Discussions are currently underway among federal agencies on how to inform the public about the new findings. NTP senior managers believe that these results should be released as soon as possible because just about everyone is exposed to wireless radiation all the time and therefore everyone is potentially at risk.

The new results contradict the conventional wisdom, advanced by doctors, biologists, physicists, epidemiologists, engineers, journalists and government officials, among other pundits, that such effects are impossible. This view is based, in part, on the lack of an established mechanism for RF radiation from cell phones to induce cancer. For instance, earlier this week (May 22), a medical doctor in Michigan wrote an opinion piece for the Wall Street Journal stating that, “There is no known mechanism by which mobile phones might cause brain tumors.” He went on to argue that there is no need to warn the public about health risks.

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Cancer-causing Glyphosate Herbicide Found in Urine of 93% of Americans

Cancer-causing Glyphosate Herbicide Found in Urine of 93% of Americans 

The Detox Project, using laboratories at the University of California San Francisco, has found the presence of glyphosate, the most used herbicide in the world, in the urine of 93% of the American public during a unique testing project that started in 2015. 

“Glyphosate was found in 93% of the 131 urine samples tested at an average level of 3.096 parts per billion (PPB). Children had the highest levels with an average of 3.586 PPB.”

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Natural News 4-8-16… “Viewers of VAXXED documentary in New York describe emotional roller coaster and stunning revelations in this year’s most censored medical film”

Kauilapele's Blog

natural_news_logo_12vaxxed_documentary_header_240_3This showed up today at RMN, and it seemed an appropriate follow-up to the last post about Vaxxed.

Here’s a couple highlights.

“When film-goers walked out of the Angelika Film Center in New York City last weekend, they were visibly moved, many of them with tears in their eyes. It wasn’t one of the latest big box office dramas that inspired such emotion…

“Contributing Editor Tim Welsh of AgeofAutism.com was one of the first people to see the movie. He described it as a “riveting roller coaster” and identifies it as a standout even among other documentaries about autism. the movie moved him to tears and suggested that viewers come equipped with tissues…

“…a post by “Professor” on ThinkingMomsRevolution.com said: “Practically from the opening scene, the film Vaxxed grabs our attention and doesn’t let go until it has elicited every ounce of empathy and outrage the human heart…

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Change at Whats New in Natural Health – Expand or Die

Plan for 2016

Be part of the waking up.

Readers, followers, friends.

To actually be useful in some way I have to expand this site. It is either that or delete it.

Don’t get me wrong. I love it, I love doing it and I love finding the information and spreading awareness. Thats the only point. But I have to admit it doesn’t get much attention or interest. If I am too busy to post on a regular basis then my stats just die off rapidly. Some times there are no readers or visitors at all.

But this resource, and resources like them, are so badly needed that I am reluctant to just let it go.

So I am thinking.

  1. I would like to change this site to a wordpress.org site which means much more freedom, plugins and creativity.
  2. I would get a more newspaper style theme.
  3. I would like to have some adverts, it would be the only way to create some revenue. I need to balance the books, and hosting and a theme is going to cost money, hence the ads. I am, like many of us, on the breadline. Kinda broke most of the time.
  4. Most Important. I see the site having a number of authors.
  5. So that means that if you, or someone you know, is in anyway interested in collaborating in this expansion, and is willing to spend some time compiling and posting blogs etc, or is up for getting the theme installed and up and running, PLEASE GET IN TOUCH.
  6. What do you get? Same as me at the moment. Satisfaction of spreading some of the most important information to others.
  7. It is either this growth or I fear Whats New in Natural Health will slip away.

Thanks for reading. Thanks for considering it.


Kavi Jezzie Hockaday (Author of ‘The Power of Illness to Change Your Life.’)

License to Build: New Theory of Cancer Puts Metabolism at Center


Scientists have known for 100 years that cancer cells metabolize nutrients in a unique way, though they haven’t understood why. In a new paper, MSK researchers reconsider the evidence and offer an unorthodox explanation, turning some commonsense wisdom on its head.

Long before Louis Pasteur became famous for proving that diseases were caused by germs, he worked in a beer factory. His job: finding a way to make beer from sugar, hops, and yeast without having the yeast take over the vat, gunking up the beer.

He failed.

Turns out yeast are very good at converting sugar into more yeast, and nothing Pasteur did could change that — which is why today, most beer is filtered.

This long-familiar fact about beer making is inspiring some unconventional thinking about cancer. In a paper published today in Cell Metabolism, Memorial Sloan Kettering President and CEO Craig Thompson and postdoctoral fellow Natasha Pavlova argue that cancer cells take up and use nutrients much like yeast in a vat of sugar, reproducing with wild abandon. Further, they claim that it’s this altered metabolism of nutrients — rather than any quirk of a disordered cell cycle — that lies at the heart of cancer.

“All of the information that drives the cell cycle — drives cell growth — comes from cells recognizing that they have adequate nutrients,” says Dr. Thompson.

If he’s right, then much of what we think we know about cancer is wrong.

Read More: https://www.mskcc.org/blog/license-build-new-theory-cancer-puts-metabolism-center 

Scientists bust myth that our bodies have more bacteria than human cells

Decades-old assumption about microbiota revisited.

It’s often said that the bacteria and other microbes in our body outnumber our own cells by about ten to one. That’s a myth that should be forgotten, say researchers in Israel and Canada. The ratio between resident microbes and human cells is more likely to be one-to-one, they calculate.

A ‘reference man’ (one who is 70 kilograms, 20–30 years old and 1.7 metres tall) contains on average about 30 trillion human cells and 39 trillion bacteria, say Ron Milo and Ron Sender at the Weizmann Institute of Science in Rehovot, Israel, and Shai Fuchs at the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto, Canada.

Those numbers are approximate — another person might have half as many or twice as many bacteria, for example — but far from the 10:1 ratio commonly assumed.

Read Morehttp://www.nature.com/news/scientists-bust-myth-that-our-bodies-have-more-bacteria-than-human-cells-1.19136

Two Movies to Watch – FREE

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In Defence of Food:

Screen Shot 2016-01-02 at 11.37.19“Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.” With that seven-word maxim, US-based journalist Michael Pollan distills a career’s worth of reporting into a prescription for reversing the damage being done to people’s health by today’s industrially driven Western diet. Pollan offers an answer to one of the most urgent questions of our time: What should I eat to be healthy?



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