Whats New in Natural Health was created by Kavi Jezzie Hockaday in 2012 initially on Facebook. The original idea was to help spread the information about all things to do with Natural Health to as many people as possible.
After his own 10 year journey healing Inflammatory Bowel Disease (Ulcerative Colitis) totally naturally and without ANY medication, he woke up to the monster of corporate greed in the form of pharmaceutical control and medication of the population, the horror of GMO and the urgent need for people to become informed and take responsibility for their own health and to adopt Natural Healing habits.

This site is dedicated to all things Wellness, from legislation that seeks to ban herbs, GMO information, benefits of natural products, and mostly trying to help the movement that seeks to stop the corporations from hijacking human health.

There is a crisis happening all all levels of life. It is spiritual, economic, physical, environmental, political and universal. It is happening in the heart of each and every one of us. All of us are called to play our part. Our health and wellbeing is not separate from this evolution. Cellular wellbeing is the foundation of our goodness. We need new systems, new thinking, new ways of relating, new business models, all rooted in mindless, love and compassion. We need to make care of each other, the creatures we care for, and our home, our priority.

Its time we evolved. And this evolution is being demanded of us, day after day, with increasing intensity.

Its this evolution I am dedicated to. This is why I run this little wellbeing site. This is why I have written my book ‘The Power of Illness to Change Your Life.’ It’s why I play my music, why I coach, why I love, and why I’m here. Its why we are all here at this time. To awaken from conditioning and evolve our wings, our compassionate hearts and minds, and to liberate ourselves and others from the slavery of greed and selfism.

We must grow from self serving to serving the greater good. From self to purpose. Thats not communism or socialism, or slavery. Its willing sacrifice of our greed mentality, its giving up the part of us that is isolated from the whole. Its a kind of death, but instead of this death being the end, it becomes the beginning. As when the caterpillar, at the height of its growth, is suddenly faced with what it perceives is its extinction, its end, it changes, and evolves into the magnificence of a butterfly. It meets fear, it has to hold its nerve, it dies to live.

This is where we are at, each of us individually and collectively. Its  a big change, and it needs every single one of us onboard to help the transition. Guns won’t do it. The mind and the heart are the only things that will do it. Awareness will do it. And walking the path, putting new awareness into action will do it.’

Kavi’s book: Available at Amazon, Createspace and on Kindle.

Illness_cover_8-25-15conversionAn inspired book, charting author Kavi Hockaday’s 10-year journey with major illness, how it challenged and changed him, and how he was forced to grow in areas of his life previously unavailable to him.





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