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Change at Whats New in Natural Health – Expand or Die

Plan for 2016

Be part of the waking up.

Readers, followers, friends.

To actually be useful in some way I have to expand this site. It is either that or delete it.

Don’t get me wrong. I love it, I love doing it and I love finding the information and spreading awareness. Thats the only point. But I have to admit it doesn’t get much attention or interest. If I am too busy to post on a regular basis then my stats just die off rapidly. Some times there are no readers or visitors at all.

But this resource, and resources like them, are so badly needed that I am reluctant to just let it go.

So I am thinking.

  1. I would like to change this site to a site which means much more freedom, plugins and creativity.
  2. I would get a more newspaper style theme.
  3. I would like to have some adverts, it would be the only way to create some revenue. I need to balance the books, and hosting and a theme is going to cost money, hence the ads. I am, like many of us, on the breadline. Kinda broke most of the time.
  4. Most Important. I see the site having a number of authors.
  5. So that means that if you, or someone you know, is in anyway interested in collaborating in this expansion, and is willing to spend some time compiling and posting blogs etc, or is up for getting the theme installed and up and running, PLEASE GET IN TOUCH.
  6. What do you get? Same as me at the moment. Satisfaction of spreading some of the most important information to others.
  7. It is either this growth or I fear Whats New in Natural Health will slip away.

Thanks for reading. Thanks for considering it.


Kavi Jezzie Hockaday (Author of ‘The Power of Illness to Change Your Life.’)

An Interview About Dis-Harmony, Dis-Ease and Holism with the Blog Creator

An interview with Kavi Jezzie Hockaday, author and creator of this blog site, about all things health, wellbeing, power and holistic healing.
Specifically you will hear Kavi speak about:
*The roles of conventional and complementary medicine,
*Illness and underlying shock and trauma,
*Illness, belief and perception,
*Healing and spiritual awakening,
*Viewing life as a grand adventure.

Thanks for listening! And thanks for reading this blog.

To listen to more podcast by Kavi go to iTunes:

Author’s Book is Published

Illness_cover_8-25-15conversionI am delighted to announce that my book is now available in print copy!

I received the first copies yesterday and I am so happy how they have turned out. They are self published, but they are of a very high standard. I have worked very hard to get this book written, finished, designed, on kindle and now in print, so I just have to let you know.

Here is something I just wrote on my Facebook page:


I was talking with someone today about my book and I was reminded that its not just a book, its a life lived, a healing journey of over 10 years, loaded with massive transformation on every level. I know that I could have been done for if I hadn’t taken up the baton of healing. 
What do I mean done for?
Probably not dead, but I could so easily have become a statistic, and one of the walking wounded. If I had succumbed on that very first day of being diagnosed, if I had surrendered to the pronouncement that I must take medication and would probably be on it for life, if I had believed that this ‘disease’ was a sentence that I was powerless to do anything about, none of this would have happened.
No journey, no holistic healing, no healing of emotions, beliefs, no detoxification, no water fasting, no book, no Facebook page, no power…No healing, no mythic journey, no wisdom.
Thats what I mean by done for. Its unthinkable now after these past 10 years. And I am so grateful to have walked the path. It has made a man of me, it has humbled me and it has left me in awe about the innate power we, and nature, and our beliefs, and higher consciousness, have..
Anything is possible. But you really have to want it with your heart. You have to be prepared to dive into the mud of your life, you have to be prepared to walk the line, keep your nerve, swim against the tide.
You have to become a ninja.
But every moment of it is worth it.
So I am here to testify. My book is my testament to the power we have, latent and dormant, but there nevertheless.

Today, with my book in my hand, I am humbled, grateful and proud.
And I am sad my mother couldn’t be here to witness it. Hers was a cruel lesson of suffering great pain through chronic illness, and she was, in many ways, my teacher. So wherever you are mum, I send you my love and I thank you for your teaching, your blessing for being able to go to my first Panchakarma cleansing in India, and for bringing me into existence…You are always in my heart.”

portrait and book


It really has been a heck of a journey. And it just doesn’t stop.




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