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Natural News 4-8-16… “Viewers of VAXXED documentary in New York describe emotional roller coaster and stunning revelations in this year’s most censored medical film”

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natural_news_logo_12vaxxed_documentary_header_240_3This showed up today at RMN, and it seemed an appropriate follow-up to the last post about Vaxxed.

Here’s a couple highlights.

“When film-goers walked out of the Angelika Film Center in New York City last weekend, they were visibly moved, many of them with tears in their eyes. It wasn’t one of the latest big box office dramas that inspired such emotion…

“Contributing Editor Tim Welsh of was one of the first people to see the movie. He described it as a “riveting roller coaster” and identifies it as a standout even among other documentaries about autism. the movie moved him to tears and suggested that viewers come equipped with tissues…

“…a post by “Professor” on said: “Practically from the opening scene, the film Vaxxed grabs our attention and doesn’t let go until it has elicited every ounce of empathy and outrage the human heart…

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Happy New Year from the Author and Creator

I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to those who read, subscribe and share my blog posts.

I am so glad I revived the blog as I was just letting it go. But I realised it is needed more now than ever. And 2016 I feel is going to be a big year, so we need as much truth as possible.

It is time the bullshit stopped. It’s time to stop some of the corporate giants from seizing any more control It is certainly time for us all to categorical halt this GMO madness and all its spin offs.

So I am committing to a greater presence in 2016. I may have to move the blog away from a free wordpress domain to try and generate funds to pay for it, but I will let you know if that happens. I may not.

Thats all folks. Be well and look after your wellbeing. Stay well away from the crap and be discerning and shrewd.

My wellbeing is not negotiable.

998225_10153756919492856_4863149123193934309_nKavi Jezzie Hockaday.

Warm Arctic Storm To Hurl Hurricane Force Winds at UK and Iceland, Push Temps to 72+ Degrees (F) Above Normal at North Pole


We’ve probably never seen weather like what’s being predicted for a vast region stretching from the North Atlantic to the North Pole and on into the broader Arctic this coming week. But it’s all in the forecast — an Icelandic low that’s stronger than most hurricanes featuring a wind field stretching over hundreds and hundreds of miles. One that taps warm tropical air and hurls it all the way to the North Pole and beyond during Winter time. And it all just reeks of a human-forced warming of the Earth’s climate…

Freak North Atlantic Storm Featuring Extremely Low Pressures

Today, a powerful, hurricane force low pressure system is in the process of rounding the southern tip of Greenland. This burly 960 mb beast roared out of an increasingly unstable Baffin Bay on Christmas. As it rounded Greenland and entered the North Atlantic, it pulled behind it a thousand-mile-wide gale force…

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FDA Denies GMO Labeling Petition

The FDA has rejected a citizen’s petition calling for mandatory labeling of foods from genetically engineered crops, arguing that labels are not warranted unless there is a material difference in the safety or nutritional profile of the foods in question.

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My First Podcast! Introducing My Book, ‘The Power of Illness.’

I am delighted to let you know I have started a podcast channel! I have committed myself to producing regular show, once a week, to talk about the things that I talked about in my book. Its going to be improvised, uplifting, challenging and hopefully entertaining.
Please check it out. Thanks!


pic for thunderbolt wordpressI am delighted to let you know I have started a podcast channel! I have committed myself to producing regular show, once a week, to talk about the things that I talked about in my book. Its going to be improvised, uplifting, challenging and hopefully entertaining.

Please check it out. If you have questions I will try and address them. Share if you find it interesting and you think it might be useful to others.

And thanks!

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Press release: UK refuses hospital visit for MRI and diagnosis

UnknownPress release: UK refuses hospital visit for MRI and diagnosis

(14 October 2015 20:00 EST)

In a press conference today, Ecuadorian Foreign Minister Ricardo Patino read out a letter from Assange’s UK doctor who conducted a medical examination in August. The letter says that he is in constant and severe pain, which is growing worse and has been present since June 2015. The doctor stated that an MRI scan needs to be performed. This can only be carried out in a hospital.

Dr. Wood’s letter dated 14 August 2015 states: “He has been suffering with a constant pain to the right shoulder region for the past three months [since June 2015]. There is no history of acute injury to the area. […] I examined him and all movements of his shoulder (abduction, internal rotation and external rotation) are limited due to pain. I am unable to elicit the exact cause of his symptoms without the benefit of further diagnostic tests, [including] MRI.” [END QUOTE]

The cause is unknown. There was no fall or injury. The source of the medical condition can only be diagnosed with hospital equipment that cannot be brought into the embassy due to size and weight.

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It Took Major Illness to Draw the Best out of me.

A personal piece by the author, simply to share something of why I run the Whats New in Natural Health site.
I have been on a ten year healing journey, and during that long process I saw so many lies, heard so much conflicting information, learned how to navigate the bullshit. I saw how people are sucked into medicating first, when it might be worth trying everything else and medicating last, and I really saw deeply into the holistic nature of life, and how healing illness demands that we look at emotions, beliefs, conditioning, as well as diet.
And thus I became a servant of truth, and part of that was to start this blog..

The power of illness


I beg your indulgence for a few minutes. I don’t often do this but for once I am going to blow my own trumpet, in print, for the world to see.

I have worked very hard to become who I am. When I look back at who I was in 1995 and compare that person to who I am now I can’t believe the difference. It’s not that I’ve just matured. Many folks mature but don’t get wiser. I seem to have grown in every direction, and the old me seems like a boy, small, unaware, innocent and sick. And I’m not judging myself harshly, that’s just what I see, because you must understand I have changed so very much.

I was a tiny seed then. It took major illness to draw the best out of me.

I actually feel like Neo when he was unplugged from the Matrix in…

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