LCHF websites

Below is a lot of resources relating tho all things High fat, Low carbohydrate. There is so much information, and misinformation, about this subject, that its good to go to the most knowledgeable sources.

I (Kavi Jezzie Hockaday, creator and author of this blog) have been through many different diets on my healing journey. I have been Ayurvedic, and of course I have done the raw food diet for many years. The raw diet got me a long way but was ultimately too cooling and cleansing.

After a long water fasting experience last year (2014) in Costa Rica, both my wife and I changed direction somewhat, and unexpectedly, and have been investigating and experimenting with the LCHF (low carb, high fat) diet since then.
Both of us have experienced health benefits, raised energy levels, and a profound increase in our mental clarity and ability. 

So I am making some of the resources we have used available for you to do your own research. Make of it what you will. Many people are exploring the world of high fat, from athletes, to those seeking healing, and of course those with weight issues. But not only that, there are scientists, and researchers looking at the possible benefits for cancer, Alzheimers and other extreme diseases. Its quite amazing.

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