What Genetic engineering and organic farming have in common

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Genetic engineering and organic farming are often set up in opposition to one another. After all, how could one agricultural practice that eschews any influence other than Nature coexist with another that is cultivated in a lab? Well, in the household of Pam Ronald (TED Talk: The case for engineering our food) and Raoul Adamchak, they live together up close and personally, as the genetic scientist and organic farmer are married. Recently, the couple discussed the complexity of modern agriculture, what they see as common misconceptions of genetically engineered crops — and the implications these have on those who need food the most. Here’s their take on this hot topic.

The problem with genetic engineering is the communication. “Most consumers accept most science. But there are a few cases where established science is rejected by a segment of the population. Consider for example: vaccination, evolution, global climate change and plant genetics,” says Ronald. “Why do certain aspects of science seize the public’s imagination like this? I’m not sure I know the answer to that. But what’s surprising to plant breeders and geneticists is that 50 years ago we were doing much more dramatic things with plants, things like mutagenesis and hybridization, and they never really caught the public’s imagination. We haven’t seen anything like this before in plant biology.” For his part, Raoul Adamchak attributes much of the tenor of the conversation about genetic engineering to fear. ”So much of the information about genetically engineered crops is misinformation, and it seems like information that’s intended to produce fear in people,” he says.

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Happy New Year from the Author and Creator

I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to those who read, subscribe and share my blog posts.

I am so glad I revived the blog as I was just letting it go. But I realised it is needed more now than ever. And 2016 I feel is going to be a big year, so we need as much truth as possible.

It is time the bullshit stopped. It’s time to stop some of the corporate giants from seizing any more control It is certainly time for us all to categorical halt this GMO madness and all its spin offs.

So I am committing to a greater presence in 2016. I may have to move the blog away from a free wordpress domain to try and generate funds to pay for it, but I will let you know if that happens. I may not.

Thats all folks. Be well and look after your wellbeing. Stay well away from the crap and be discerning and shrewd.

My wellbeing is not negotiable.

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Non-GMO trend hits the seed industry

Some seed companies are getting their products Non-GMO Project verified but incentives are needed to attract more companies to become verified

The Non-GMO Project label is increasingly appearing on food products in the US, and now seed companies are starting to display the butterfly label. A few seed companies, seeing the growing demand for non-GMO products, are getting seed varieties Non-GMO Project verified though the numbers remain small compared with the number of non-GMO verified food companies.

“As demand for non-GMO choices continues to rise, farmers are seeking more non-GMO seed,” says Megan Westgate, executive director of the Non-GMO Project. “Similarly, smaller farms and home gardeners are choosing to plant more organic and non-GMO varieties.”

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Researchers discover new form of contagious cancer

A new form of contagious cancer has been discovered by scientists. Not only does it mean such cancers are not as rare as originally thought, researchers say the disease can wipe out an entire species.

To date there were two known forms of transmissible cancers in nature, and this included forms of tumor spreadable between Tasmanian devils, as well as between dogs and soft-shell clams.

This lead to scientists believing that such a transfer of living cancer cells was rare. The discovery of a third form, however, indicates that such cancers may arise more frequently than previously thought.

A team of researchers from the University of Tasmania, Australia, and the University of Cambridge in the UK found this new form of transmissible cancer in the Tasmanian devil in Australia, the second such cancer in the dog-like marsupial, which can only be found in the wild on the Australian island.

Known as Devil Facial Tumor Disease (DFTD), it was first discovered in the animal in 1996 but this new discovery has identified a second form of the disease which looks similar but has a genetic makeup with a distinct chromosomal arrangement from the first form of DFTD.

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How Bill Gates Is Causing the Collapse of Traditional Farming and Local Food Economies

Land grabs, seed control and GMOs. Welcome to the new world order of industrialized agriculture, courtesy of the Gates Foundation.

[From a presentation by Mariam Mayet.]

Our farmer-managed seed systems in Africa are being criminalized and displaced by a very aggressive green revolution project of corporate occupation by big multinational companies. This violent agrarian transformation is facing profound objection. African farmer organizations are outraged because decisions have been made and imposed on us in a very patronizing, patriarchal way, as if the agrarian vision and solution has been designed for us.

The Gates Foundation is funding the green revolution, along with the many governments linked to the old hub of capitalism, including your government [the US], the UK and the Netherlands. It is working in very close partnership with around 80 African seed companies. The Gates Foundation is the kingpin in charge of coordinating the various green revolution initiatives taking place in Africa.

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Big Food Just Bought Your Favorite Organic Mac and Cheese Company

General Mills has purchased Annie’s Homegrown for $820 million.

A six-ounce box of Annie’s Homegrown macaroni and cheese runs about $2, if you’re buying it online. Yesterday, General Mills bought the 25-year-old company for the equivalent of 410 million boxes of its signature product—the second-best-selling boxed mac and cheese in the country. The $820 million purchase put Annie’s in the food giant’s ever-growing portfolio of organic brands, including Cascadian Farm and Muir Glen. It’s a trend that, as the infographic below shows, is echoing across the industry.

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Warm Arctic Storm To Hurl Hurricane Force Winds at UK and Iceland, Push Temps to 72+ Degrees (F) Above Normal at North Pole


We’ve probably never seen weather like what’s being predicted for a vast region stretching from the North Atlantic to the North Pole and on into the broader Arctic this coming week. But it’s all in the forecast — an Icelandic low that’s stronger than most hurricanes featuring a wind field stretching over hundreds and hundreds of miles. One that taps warm tropical air and hurls it all the way to the North Pole and beyond during Winter time. And it all just reeks of a human-forced warming of the Earth’s climate…

Freak North Atlantic Storm Featuring Extremely Low Pressures

Today, a powerful, hurricane force low pressure system is in the process of rounding the southern tip of Greenland. This burly 960 mb beast roared out of an increasingly unstable Baffin Bay on Christmas. As it rounded Greenland and entered the North Atlantic, it pulled behind it a thousand-mile-wide gale force…

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